We have a wide range of flat discs from Ø20 to Ø155mm in different thicknesses.

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Disks are available in different diameters and thinckness. Please contact us with your enquires

Made of iron and stainless stell (also brass and copper)


Ø40×2 Ø50×2 Ø60×2 Ø70×2 Ø80×2 Ø90×2 Ø100×2 Ø120×2 Ø155×2
Ø40×3 Ø50×3 Ø60×3 Ø70×3 Ø80×3 Ø90×3 Ø100×3 Ø120×3 Ø155×3
Ø40×4 Ø50×4 Ø60×4 Ø70×4 Ø80×4 Ø90×4 Ø100×4 Ø120×4 Ø155×4
Ø40×5 Ø50×5 Ø60×5 Ø70×5 Ø80×5 Ø90×5 Ø100×5 Ø120×5 Ø155×5
Ø40×6 Ø50×6 Ø60×6 Ø70×6 Ø80×6 Ø90×6 Ø100×6 Ø120×6 Ø155×6